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The Experience

Aqua-Jet uses the latest flying machines available in the market, the Jetpack R200X and Flyboard. These luxurious water toys provide an amazing experience; using the power of water to propel you 30 feet above the water (and 30 feet under water) for more than 4 hours at full throttle. Using the methods we created over time, we assure that 95% of our clients will achieve free flight after 15mins of flight training.

When you arrive at the location, you will board onto our luxurious yacht and will get introduce to your instructor who will give you, your first safety instructions you will have to follow when flying. You will then get into a life vest and get strapped into the flying toy of your choice. Once strapped in, you will receive your first lesson regarding safety protocols and how to control your flight.

You will then put on your radio helmet and Jump into the water! Once your flying machine is turned on, you will have to follow the instructors directions that will allow you to fly over the water and control your flight only after a few minutes! Now you just have to remember to smile at the camera and enjoy this breathtaking and sensational experience!!

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