Take Off from our private location
looking onto Miami Downtown Skyline 
and enjoy
a beautiful sunny day hovering through Miami’s
crystal blue waters.

For more information contact us directly
and we'll be happy to answer any questions
you might have!

Yacht Tour

Provide a morning/afternoon tour of Miami's bay with the beautiful vision of Miami's Skyline while you are flying and enjoying the sensation of being over the sea. While waiting for your turn to fly, we also provide soft drinks, and a place to relax, sunbath and enjoy this amazing experience of being on a Yacht.

Jungle Island

Provide a convenient location for you to come and experience all our flying toys! We are located right on their beach that you can conveniently access and go directly to.

Private Yacht Tours

AquaJet provides the service of bringing the flying sensation to your commodity and to your own private Yacht. We will bring our JetPack, Jet Ski, and highly trained team needed to enjoy this great adrenaline rush in total safety.

Private Event

Having a private party at your ocean front home/Hotel, and want a lifetime memory? AquaJet will provide you with certified pilots who will create a breath taking show that your guest will always remember.

Corporate Event

Want to impress your next investors? Or you want to create an exciting ambiance and a fun and binding activity for your next corporate event? Aqua-Jet is the next innovation of getting you to think outside of the box for your next meeting.

Marketing Event

Advertise your brand in an innovative fashion, allow AquaJet to fly your brand to the sky and advertise it like no else.


If you are looking for the next shot of Miami or to include the Jetpack flight to your documentary or video; AquaJet has the experienced team, the stunts actors and the logistic you need to make sure you will only have to worry about keeping your camera dry

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