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A jetpack is a backpack powered by water jets. A Jet Ski is connected to the pack, the water is pumped from the sea or lake below up to the nozzles on the jetpack and the power of the Jet Ski’s engine gives to the Jet pack the propulsion it needs to make you fly.

On this picture you can see the physical forces that enable the jetpack to be propelled out of the water. Always at the cutting edge of technology, Aqua-Jet provides the newest and highly efficient jetpacks in the world. Indeed, Aqua-Jet uses the latest flying machines available in the market, the Jetpack R200X. These luxurious water toys provide an amazing experience; using the power of water to propel you 30 feet above the water (and 30 feet under water) for more than 4 hours at full throttle..


Using the best jetpacks and practicing as ones of the best pilots in the world, Aqua-Jet team has developed many safety features and "best practice" operating procedures. From our experience falling from the Aqua-Jet’s Jetpack is rare, the Jetpacks we use have been widely practiced for over a century with excellent safety records. Our jetpacks use water as a safety net and enforcing low flight ceilings by restricting hose length. The jetpack's 5-point quick-release harness, protective backrest and head support, safety saddle and inherent floatation are just some of the many other safety features.


Fly-by-wire digital throttle control; nozzles angles determine allocation of thrust between lift and propulsion (forward, neutral or reverse); differential nozzle deflection generates yaw moments; and weight shifting from side-to-side generates roll moments. Our Jetpack models, made by the world famous company JETLEV, are very simple to learn and operate. They provide an intuitive flight controls, inherent stability and an effective training system mean that most student pilots can learn to fly solo within a few minutes of in-water instructions.


When you arrive at the location, you will board onto our luxurious yacht and will get introduce to your instructor who will give you, your first safety instructions you will have to follow when flying. You will then get into a life vest and get strapped into your Jetpack. Once strapped in, you will receive your first lesson regarding safety protocols and how to control your Jetpack. Using the methods we created over time, we assure that 95% of our clients will achieve free flight after 5minutes of flight training.

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