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Yes, the Jetlev took over 10 years to develop with safety as it’s number one priority. If you were to fall the jetpack would absorb the impact and you would land in water. The jetpack itself has a positive buoyancy and will make you float.

Our flying toys employs a powerful 4-stroke engine, a 250 HP and water nozzle reaction force to achieve stable, controlled flight. Flight controls are very simple light and intuitive. The propulsion engine, fuel and related systems remain on a separate vessel tethered behind the jetpack.

Yes, you must be between 5 feet and 6 feet, 6 inches. The Jetlev can accommodate someone from 100 pounds to 330 pounds.

Yes, 18 and over. If you are under 18 – the instructor will have to judge if your kid is physically capable of flying and you must have a parent present to sign an additional waiver.

You can call our office at 305-713-2692.

Yes, we are open everyday, 7 days a week! Please call our office at 305-713-2692 to find out the availability for today.

Our pick-up location is located in Miami: 1635 North Bayshore Rd, Pier #4 Miami Fl33132

Our certified trainers will communicate with the flyer through a water-proof headset and control the Jetlev throttle remotely. Typically a first time flyer will take anywhere in between 5-10 minutes to get in the air. The Jetlev is capable of reaching 30 feet in height and top speeds of 25 mph.

Yes! Each spectators pays only $75 to enjoy the full comfort of our luxury yacht – they will have access to an AC cooled living room, days bed, soft drinks, a beautiful tour in Miami’s bay and great water to dive into!

Wear and bring anything that you would wear and bring to the beach. Towels, sunscreen, bathing suit, etc..

Yes, Aquajet sells gift certificates, but we do not offer refunds on them. Call our office for inquiries.