Project Description

If you love the boating of yesterday and want style and luxury, this Corinthian boat is just made for you.
Rent this yacht and discover the wildlife and natural beauty of the coast of Miami.

Our offers

2.5 Hours Rental

Coming soon !


Board onto our New and Luxurious Corinthian and Discover Miami in an Unforgettable Fashion.

Corinthian rental / chartering in Miami, Florida

Board onto this commercial grade pontoon for anything you desire ! This boat has an amazing versatility; tour the bay and visit the celebrity houses, anchor and play around in the water, throw a cocktail party, bachelor party, bachelorette party, birthday parties or simply transport clients for large events, just imagine it and we’ll make it happen !

The captain and crew are trained to handle up to 39 passengers and the boat design provides ample amount of seating for everyone has well as stability when underway.

This boat comes with an onboard bathroom, and for fun includes a water floating mat, a water trampoline.

4hr minimum.



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