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Booking a Jetpack session through Aquajet Miami website is really easy.
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Our pricings

20 min
  • Perfect for return client
  • 5min instruction included
  • Boat transport included
  • Schedule 1hr of your time for this activity
  • -
30 min
Best Choice
  • Perfect for first timers
  • 10min instruction included
  • Boat transport included
  • Schedule 1hr of your time for this activity
  • -
60 min
  • Fully Private experience
  • Perfect for clients that want to learn amateurs tricks
  • Instruction included
  • Boat transport included
  • Schedule 1hr of your time for this activity

Jetpack information

About Jetpack Experience !

Born from science fiction in the 60’s, the concept of Jetpack is a hydro engineering system which allows you to fly up to 60 feet above the water.

Some decades ago, water jetpack was a luxury sport only allowed to millionaires. Nowadays, thanks to AquaJet Miami introducing for the first time all inclusive prices under $130 per flightrenting a jetpack is affordable, and the most exciting outdoor-recreational activity you can do. Settled in Miami in 2015, AquaJet offers you a safe and convenient Jetpack rental experience.

Discover all our Jetpack offers in Miami, the description of the jetpack experience, the renting cost and the booking process.


About Security and supervision.

Sit into your Jetpack, we will strap you in and you’ll be flying like a pro in no time ! This is the ultimate toy to feel like a pilot– Adrenaline guaranteed !

Using the power of the water and the methods we created over time, we assure that all of our clients will achieve free flight after 15mins of flight training. Your experience will start by finding our offices in the Grand Gallery where we will sign you up and walk you to our boat in the marina next door. Our highly trained team will meet you directly on the boat to teach you how to FLY !

Our instructors will help you learn how to control the Jetpack, and will give you tips and techniques to operate the whole experience in the best ways. Let us guide you for having the most exciting jetpack excursion of a lifetime ! Lifetime memories and adrenaline guaranteed !

The Aquajet is perfect for adults. Size requirement is 5 ft 115 lbs. Age requirement is 18years old.
All our instructors and team are certified and insured but also highly trained and experienced with years of flying and teaching.


Jetpack Advice.

  • WEAR A BATHING SUIT. Please keep in mind that it is a watersport activity and you may get wet :).
  •  Bring a towel, sunscreen, water, and snacks.
  • Arrive 15mn before the scheduled reservation.

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